game night, Regency style

I'm pleased to say that my first Costumed Card Party last night was great fun!

The evening was filled with lively games (Cribbage, Whist & Speculation), yummy but simple-to-prepare food (I should have bought more cream puffs!), and tasty beverages (including port, apple brandy & sparkling cider). For the first time I used all of what has become a very respectable collection of candelabras, and candlesticks for a total of 33 lit candles (thank goodness for Trader Joes dripless candles!). The result was magical - there is nothing like a room filled with the glow of candlelight. *le sigh*

Of course my guests looked amazing in all their finery and I had way too much fun wearing my new Candy Cane dress and pearl tiara (from seperwar on Ebay). There were many lively discussions and laughter to be heard as well - I hope to have an evening like this again soon!

Pictures of the evening can be found here:
Jenny-Rose (me!) - with a few of my favorites from others *wink*


Stealth video of the shoe shot

Card Party: stealth video #1

Card Party: stealth video #2

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